6 reasons Why you are lonely

Have you just broken up with your boyfriend? (How do i know never had one HA! 😅😑😧) Yah but hey atleast i have a chicken to keep me company?! Knowing I’ll eat it next month.So lets just get to it shall we? Why you are  lonely ) : # 1 You refuse to take showers.Yes […]

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Understand that change is up to you. Your life won’t improve if you stay at home in front of the television feeling sorry for yourself or if you wait for other people to make your life better for you. You have to be proactive in making the change that you want to see in your […]


I’m 16 and…?

These post summerizes what’s happened in my life over the last year, as well as my thoughts about the future. This year was a big one for me, more than just rolling into a new decade. I almost signed a book deal. I spent ten weeks at a children’s home community service program. More than […]

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